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Karate Geek Video: Quick & Dirty Sidekick Basics

Welcome to the DOJO!!

These videos are as much for me as anyone else. Doing them helps me tweak my teaching…as anyone who knows me will attest, I talk a lot when I get going on something that I’m excited about. Unfortunately, when it comes to teaching kids that isn’t necessarily a good habit. Take this video as a prime example: my thought behind it was to do a minute or ninety-second video going over the steps of how to do a sidekick as quickly and clearly as possible. When I finished shooting, I had more than 12 minutes of footage. DOH!

My second issue remains to be my battle with my new camera’s autofocus. I can’t turned the darn thing off! Stupid Canon.

In the spirit of that brevity I seek, here are the bullet points of how to perform a basic Karate side kick (Yoko Geri).

1. Get into a fighting stance with your kicking leg forward.
2. Lift your kicking leg so that your knee is pointing towards the ceiling (this is the “chamber”).
3. Keep your planted leg slightly bent.
3. As you thrust the kick out towards your opponent, your planted foot will twist 90 degrees from its position (or 180 degrees from the opponent) and your knee will straighten, engaging your hips and adding power to your kick.
4. Keep your leg in as straight a line as possible, allowing the foot to be in line with your shin, knee, thigh and hip. This allows maximum efficiency in the kick.
4. Impact will either be with your heel or the knife edge (rear outer-edge) of your foot.
5. Recoil your leg into the chamber position. This allows you to maintain balance and to have a second kick ready if needed.
6. Have some pie because you just did your first sidekick!

Remember, your kick doesn’t need to be high. Prime targets for sparring are the chest or side. For the street, a kick to the knee will stop almost anyone.

Thanks for watching, and let me know what you guys want to see next down in the comments. I’m always looking for feedback. Take care!!

-Mat Nastos, The Karate Geek
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