Weight Loss & Fitness Tips from a 40+ Dad who lost over 250 lbs

Adherence – The Key to Long Term Weight Loss & Health

The single biggest hurdle for ANYONE trying to #loseweight or get #healthy is adherence. Sticking to whatever plan, diet or routine for the long term. It’s easy to start but it’s even easier to stop.

As a guy who was always out of shape (I was 300+ pounds in high school & only got bigger in college), I know how hard it was to stick to a diet. Any major changes I tried to make – the ones I thought I needed to do to get “in shape” – never lasted. I might drop a couple of pounds here and there, sure. In the long run, tho, I’d be back to my normal poor eating habits.

So how did I make a change? How did I learn to stick with things? The answer for me was small changes done over a long period of time. They add up, like pebbles filling a bowl. One or two may not seem like much, but 50 or 100 will.

The important thing is to add those changes gradually so that your mind doesn’t reject them outright. For me, dropping soda and switching to #superfood chews for energy (natural energy from fruit & veggies) helped. Another thing was not adding additional salt to meals. I tried to limit my salty foods as well, but I avoided adding MORE at first. Switching to sugar-free desserts was the last of my small initial changes.

Adding those things in one-by-one over time allowed me to easy into health. And those small changes began to have some HUGE effects. In my first year, with the addition of walking regularly, I lost over 80 pounds…just 7-10 pounds a month that first year. For a life-long fat man, that was HUGE for me.

Now, I fall off the wagon from time to time. Anyone who knows me know that Diet Mt Dew is my vice…and one I relapse into ever so often. I try to limit my intake when I do drink it, although I know I should cut it out completely! And I’m trying – things like stress or depression make me fall back into old habits. It’s a process.

The point here is learning to stick to what your doing and that the best way to get there is to slowly train your body and mind to accept the changes. Something done consistently over a month becomes a habit.

Get out there and start making changes. If you want to check out the superfood chews that helped me get through my #weightloss, you can get more info on them here:


-Mat Nastos, the Karate Geek

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