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Fitness Tip: How to Fight Hard-to-lose Belly Fat

One of the biggest concerns for a lot of adults, especially those of us in our 30+ years, is getting chunkier around the middle. Belly fat, thick waistlines, not getting into our tight jeans anymore – these are all big problems as our metabolisms slow down a bit and our bodies change. So, how can we fight it?

First, lets look at the problem: belly fat is starts piling up with excess calorie intake mixes with the hormonal influence of cortisol & insulin. If you’re like me and watch your calorie intake as part of weight loss, then you know belly fat tends to burn off much slower…the reason is because it is a hormone problem as much as a calorie-based one.

When you mix increased insulin levels (from eating starchy or sweet foods) with high levels of cortisol (from things like stress & poor sleep quality), you have the perfect storm for not only storing belly fat but, worse, retaining it despite exercise & diet.
Obviously, there’s more to it than that, but those are the basics. Mix cortisol with insulin is like adding fuel to the fire when it comes to excess calories. Stress, starchy foods, and too many calories are going to add to that tummy and make it harder to lose.

There are things you can do to counteract that. Reduce your stress levels (easier said than done); Get more & better sleep (I use RestWell Powder – from Well & Company); load your diet with protein & vegetables, both supress hunger with low insulin production. Add in exercise & you’ve got a great start.

If you want some EXTRA power on your side, the Lift chews contain Ashwagandha, Magnolia and 5-htp, which help regulate cortisol. The Burn chews help increase metabolism, and the Nourish grass-fed whey protein powder helps with burning fat and preserving/building muscle.

You can find all of the Well & Company superfood chews and powders at: https://karategeek.mywellandcompany.com/ They help me stay #fit and in shape now, and have helped me continue my weight loss journey in a healthy way.

-Mat Nastos, The Karate Geek

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