Weight Loss & Fitness Tips from a 40+ Dad who lost over 250 lbs

Getting through the early stages of weight loss – superfood chews

I get emailed a lot of questions everyday about how I lost 250+ pounds in my 40s. I’m going to be talking more daily about my #weightloss journey, how I got #fit & #healthy, & what I do to stay in shape.

A big part was getting rid of soda & sugar, & limiting salt. I adjusted my diet slowly & added exercise – in my case #martialarts but anything would work. And I begin eating superfoods to get natural energy, increase my metabolism, get my brain going & repair my body after workouts. They are a great way to help your body without resorting to unnatural supplements.

What saved me, especially in those early days of trying, were the #superfood chews from Well & Co. The ones I started with were their Burn and Power-Up chews to help bolster my metabolism & to give me a natural energy boost. Later on I added Recovery to help with muscle & joint pains from exercise. You can check them out at: Well & Co Superfood Chews

Replacing things like soda, sugar, & more processed foods & supplements not only helped me lose weight, but it also helped me to become healthier overall. The Turmeric in the Recovery chews reduced pain I was receiving from the budding arthritis I have in my hand and knee. The relief was amazing!

Anyway, I’ll be posting tips daily on getting #healthy, #fitness, #weightloss, and #diet. If a 450+ pound guy in his 40s could do it, then you can too!!

-Mat Nastos, the Karate Geek

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Mathias Nastos is the Karate Geek: Formerly 450+ pounds, I'm a dad getting fit thru #MartialArts. Nidan in Aikido, Shodan in American-form Karate, studies kali, boxing, BJJ, and judo. Best-selling action novelist.