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The Karate Geek: Dealing With Life and Health as a Cancer Survivor – What goes ON your body is as important as what goes IN it!

A lot of you know that I had health issues in the past — and that some of those led to me getting healthier once I hit 40. What very few of you know is that one of the health issues I had to deal with was cancer. That, in addition the being morbidly obese, having high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, asthma, and about fifty-seven other issues, helped me get on the road to fitness — a road that led me to martial arts and eating better.

The funny thing is that I was focused on what was going INTO my body and never thought twice about what was going ONTO my body…well, at least not until a friend pointed it out to me. While I was diligent (often obsessive) about what I was eating or drinking, I was surrounding myself with unhealthy chemicals that were making me sick without realizing it.

Things like cleaning wipes, perfumed sprays, harsh detergent cleaners, bleach, and more. I was suffering from asthma and allergies that were made worse when I sprayed Fabreeze on my bed. Or the harsh Purell hand sanitizer I used at conventions to protect myself. Even the Clorox wipes I cleaned my counters with wound up doing more damage to me than good.

A couple of months back I was introduced to something that has become a bit of a crusade of mine – Probiotic sprays and cleaners. Some of you may be familiar with Probiotic diet supplements — this has nothing to do with those. Now, I could go into a long, scientific explanation but I’m not going to.

The benefit of Probiotic cleaners comes down to good bacteria and bad bacteria. The things are everywhere – on your body, in your body, on every inch of the world around you, in the air you breathe. And, as much as we all need to get rid of the bad bacteria to avoid getting sick, we need to keep the good bacteria around to combat it. And that is the issue with most cleaners: while they kill off the bad bacteria, they also kill of the good. Even worse, they can lead to the creation of Super Bugs, powerful bad bacteria that is highly resistant to even the most potent of cleaners.

Probiotics, on the other hand, are made up of those good bacteria…good bacteria whose sole purpose is to eradicate the bad bacteria without damaging the microbiome (the microverse that exists on your skin, your pillows, and everywhere else). They eat the bad bugs and then go on to keep doing so for another 3-5 days! Yup, that means the Probiotics will continue to kill off bad germs for almost a week after you use them. The more you spray or clean, the stronger they are.

My two best experiences with the Airbiotics Probiotic sprays and cleaners have come in two parts. First is what I talked about a few days ago — battling my dust mite allergies. The Airbiotic Stabiotic spray has delivered me from the nasty headaches and sinus infections I have been dealing with every morning of my life almost over night. You can read a bit more about how I used the Stabiotic spray to combat my allergies in my earlier post HERE.

The other place Airbiotics have done wonders for me is with their hand cleaner. For decades, I had been using Purell to clean my hands at convention appearances. I’d touch hands with THOUSANDS of fans over the course of a weekend and would use my trusty bottle of hand sanitizer to clean up. Of course, I’d always wind up with dry, sore hands from the chemicals in Purell, but a lot of the time I’d wind up just as sick. The reason is because Purell is a harsh chemical that kills off ALL bacteria it comes into contact — GOOD and BAD! Hospitals and medical professionals have started to dump Purell for Airbiotics because they found that use of the sanitizer actually contributes to illness and infections rather than stopping them.

If hospitals are wising up and not using hand sanitizers, then it seems like a good idea that I avoid them as well. The Airbiotic hand cleaner is easier on my skin because it is all-natural — it’s so natural you can EAT IT! I actually use a little cup of the liquid to soak my toothbrush in every day after I use it.

The point of all of this babbling is: don’t just focus on what you’re putting into your body. Start to think about what is going on with the outside as well. Protect yourself from damaging chemical based cleaners and try something a bit more natural. You can find more about Airbiotics and its amazing Probiotics on their website.

-Mat Nastos, the Karate Geek

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