Weight Loss & Fitness Tips from a 40+ Dad who lost over 250 lbs

Weight Loss Tips: It’s All About FOCUS

Saturday Weight Loss Tips!

Yesterday’s interaction with SO many of you made me realize there is a real need for me to go over some specific weight loss tips. These are going to be things beyond just the standard “diet” and “exercise” everyone gives.

Here are some things I specifically did to help me drop down from 450# to 205#. Ready? It is all about FOCUS.

1. Brush your teeth every single time you eat. What this did for me was to make me realize how much I ate and snacked during the day. If I stopped to brush after each time, it had me focus and cut down. It’s training you to think and not just snack.

2. Focus on JUST Eating. By that I mean, when you eat, make it the center of your attention for the time you’re doing it. Don’t watch TV and eat. Don’t play video games and eat. This goes with the “brush your teeth” tip in that it reinforces how much and how often you’re eating.

3. Give yourself a reason. For me, it was living long enough to see my kids grow up. I was borderline diabetic, barely able to move, and having difficulty sleeping. I knew I wasn’t going to live much longer if I didn’t do anything. My kids were my reason. Find your real reason to get healthy and focus on it.

4. Don’t focus on “good” or “bad” food. It’s not that eating a food will kill you. It’s that eating a food in excess will harm you. Go ahead and have a slice of pizza with your salad and yogurt. That’s fine. Don’t eat a whole pizza and a bunch of garlic bites. Moderate.

5. Focus on sleep. You are far more likely to resort to unhealthy comfort foods and bad snacking when you’re sleep deprived. Also, going without sleep will slow down your metabolism. Sleeping 7 hours a night can aid in weight loss even without exercise.

Those are some of the habits I tried to utilize when I was losing weight. It wasn’t about dieting or even exercise to start. It was about changing my mindset and focusing more on what I was doing rather than just closing my eyes and shoveling food in.

Hope that helps!!

-Mat Nastos, The Karate Geek

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