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AvatarErin asked 1 year ago

How do you keep yourself on track as far as workouts and keeping a healthy diet and \\\\\\\”splurging \\\\\\\”?

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Karate GeekKarate Geek Staff answered 1 year ago

That is a lot of stuff packed beyond a single question mark!  Staying on track is hard because it is so easy to fall back onto bad habits — especially habits you’ve trained yourself to do for a lifetime. I used a journal to keep track of everything I did – not everything I ate or every exercise, but I wrote the positive stuff everyday. How I stayed on track and any weight I lost. That way, when I was feeling down or like quitting, I’d look back on it.

Having a buddy or partner to talk things through and keep you motivated helps. I was married and the time and having someone to rage to helped for sure. Just remember, it takes about 3 weeks for something to become habit. Those 3 weeks suck but getting past them makes it easier. And we all fall off the horse sometimes. It’s ok as long as you get back up and keep going.
Just be careful with splurging. Use it as a reward for progress. Give yourself a cheat day ONLY if you’ve made all your work outs and stuck to your new habits for a certain period. Reward yourself when you deserve it. Cheating every now and then isn’t a bad thing. It’s just life.

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