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What should come First?

AvatarGinny asked 12 months ago

Hey, Mat! What should come first- diet change to lose weight or exercise to lose weight? Or should they always be sought together?

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Karate GeekKarate Geek Staff answered 12 months ago


Thanks for the great question. Where to start is a tough thing to answer, because it is going to depend on the person. For me, I did both, but I started slowly because I know how hard major changes can be for anyone to deal with long term. I figured out what I could handle first – I dropped sugar, soda, and stopped adding additional salt to my food. At the same time I started walking. 

Dieting didn’t work for me. What I did was change my lifestyle and my mindset a little at a time. Once you’ve done something for 21 days it becomes a habit. I knew that if I could last that first month, then I could make additional changes. 

So, long story short, make small changes to your lifestyle. Add eating changes and exercise together. Don’t go crazy at first. Small victories will lead to greater success!
Thanks again!
-Mat Nastos, the Karate Geek

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